There is no manual for the system included with the system.

On an LHV / LNR Series DVR / NVR, use Anti-dither, Latch, and Post Record to specify how the system behaves when motion is.

We highly recommend that you contact our Technical Support at 1-888-425. Lorex LHV22162TC16B Using the Main Menu15 5 Under Anti dither enter the anti dither time After a motion event occurs and motion stops if motion is detected with.

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It comes with a 2-terabyte hard drive.

Sep 6, 2015 · Anything that appears above the threshold for a time longer than the "Anti-Dither" setting will cause an event. It's 180+ pages. Select Settings > Network.

• Latch: when motion detection complete, system auto delays detecting for a specified time.

Most of us have used a DVR or CCTV camera, but haven’t heard much about “Anti-Dither”. The infrared light is provided by small infrared LEDs, usually found around the lens of the security camera. .

In the end, motion detection is extremely important as it will help you stay informed of motion activity around your property and, more importantly, provide you with valuable seconds should you need to contact the authorities. Anti-dither is the amount of delay that will occur before the DVR starts recording, it can also be thought of as the amount of time something in the image has to be there to trigger the DVR to record.


Dithering is typically applied as the final step of mastering, but it should also be used any time you reduce the bit-depth of your.

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• Sensitivity:. Anti-dither: After an initial antragstellung event, the system wishes persist to record video if adenine second gesture event happen within the set Anti-dither period.

Some newer services have Anti.
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The manual suggests this can be altered via an "anti-dither" setting, but it doesn't work.


• Playback recorded video to review events. Official Security Partners. Using the Main Menu 5.

How to fix a hardware/software related video loss: Update your devices: NVR, DVR, or IP cameras to the latest firmware. . . . . For example, the anti dither is 5s by.

This is really due to the 1/2″ sized CMOS sensor whereas the Lorex has a 1/2.

. Click Setup to configure the areas of the image that will be enabled for motion detection.



I really want to fine my recordings to perfection and Ive been acting around with these settings lately.